Once the choice of toilet seats was limited, usually to black or white, sometimes cream or beige. Toilets and bathrooms weren’t always given much thought back then. Now bathrooms and toilets get at least as much attention as the rest of the house, after all, what if your guests asked to use the toilet and found the facilities grotty? Now all sorts of comforts are available for your convenience, including special toilet seats.

Special Seats

You would be surprised to know how many types of toilet seat are available and how many manufacturers there are. There are toilet seats for every toilet, from luxury to public or workplace toilets, there are toilet seats in every colour imaginable, and toilet seats for every colour scheme and type of decor and room. And most importantly, seats for your comfort.

Where to buy your Toilet Seats

For the best in modern, stylish and comfortable toilet seats.

This is the one stop shop for every style, colour and type of toilet seat. With a Trust Pilot 5 Star Rating, you can’t go far wrong. The site’s toilet seat finder tool allows you to select the shape, dimensions, manufacturers, colours and types of toilet seat, so no matter what you are looking for in a toilet seat, if it is manufactured, it will be on here. All seats come with a guarantee.

Soft Close Toilet Seat

You can buy a very special toilet seat, one that will put an end to banging toilet seats disturbing you, or trapped fingers for kids – the soft close toilet seat. The soft close toilet seat comes in a huge variety of colours, and with a silk veneer satin finish. So, for a very special seat, that will fit with any colour scheme, and with that special feature of no more crashing and bumping, this is the seat for you.

Colour Schemes and Decor

Don’t forget the rest of the bathroom or toilet room. Have a think about some colour schemes and design ideas, there is always a seat to match the décor. So, make your trips to the loo or time in the bathroom into a pleasant experience, make your toilets into something that you won’t be ashamed for the guests to see. Showcase that bathroom, be as proud of the bathroom and toilet as you are of the other areas of the house and their decor. And yes, you can get a gold coloured toilet seat, but not one made of solid gold, so start planning your smart and comfy toilet. Shop Toilet Seats Here.

And if you are caught short for something to read while you are testing the new throne, try these fascinating toilet facts! Enjoy!