A telescoping bird house pole is perfect for a garden where you want to place a bird house but have to experiment with placing it at different heights in order to attract birds. The best and strongest are made of galvanized steel. consist of multiple sections, and come with sturdy, dependable fastening systems. Normally they will extend anywhere from 15 to 21 feet at full extension.

If you are a person who likes being close to nature and enjoys having birds in your life, you likely enjoy finding ways to attract them to your environment, whether it be your garden or an apartment area. You may also include bird watching as one of your hobbies that you are passionate about. Unfortunately, as much as bird watching is really a fascinating experience, it may require you to travel to different kinds of places and go out of your way just to be up close and personal to your feathered friends.

But luckily, there is a new, innovative way in which you could see these feathered creatures up close and that is through telescoping bird house poles.  With telescoping bird house poles, it would be easier for you to watch the different kinds of birds that frolic in your area without you interrupting them at their most natural state and with them, protected from other pesky creatures like the squirrels from disturbing their temporary nests.

Telescoping Bird House Pole

Where to Buy Telescoping Bird House Poles

There are many online stores where you could buy different kinds of telescoping bird house poles, but the Mister Bird House online store stands above the rest.  Not only do they provide you with a wide selection of telescoping bird house poles, but they also sell their items at a reasonable price and they hold seasonal sales events where you can get great discounts.  They accept most major credit cards for payment, but they also accept payment methods through Paypal if you are the type of a person who is skeptical in giving their credit cards online. Click here to get the best deal for bird house pole from the largest online selection.

If you are interested in the different kinds of telescoping bird house poles that Mister Bird House is selling,  log on to their online store .You’ll not only find telescoping bird house poles but also matching bird houses to go along with them. Plus you will see the wonderful products that they are offering.  One of their outstanding products that truly would protect your feathered friends from other pesky creatures but at the same time, provide them with a beautiful temporary sanctuary is the Penthouse.  

The Penthouse is one of their featured products that not only has a telescoping bird house pole, but is steel martin house painted with tough baked acrylic white enamel which makes it more durable.  This one of a kind model of a bird house is weatherproof, light weight, and is guaranteed to not rust overtime, and is of course, maintenance free.  It comes with a telescopic pole, pivoting pole base, predator guard, and a flagpole kit.  Once that you have ordered them, it is shipped to be ninety-eight percent assembled so you need not stress yourself out as to how to construct this wonderful telescoping bird house pole.