Window Bird Feeder

When choosing a bird feeder, some will choose a window bird feeder because it allows them to view the birds in their garden up close and personal. Other bird lovers, who live in apartment buildings, have no other choice as they usually cannot install a bird feeding station on the common grounds of the apartment complex. The great thing about a window bird feeder is that you can put them on pretty much any type of window.

Although, there are various types of window bird feeders, the most sturdy of them are either placed inside the windowsill or are attached completely outside the window using screws or some other attachment. A windowsill window bird feeder has sides that extend out to the sides of the window, much like a window air conditioner. This helps to stabilize the bird feeder.

window bird feeder
If you live in an apartment building, and need a feeder that won’t cause property damage to the building, you can choose a window bird feeder that attaches to the window with suction cups. The type of windows in your apartment will also influence what kind of window bird feeder you can install as many are specifically designed for a certain type of window.

A Natural Squirrel Poof Bird Feeder

Normally, with other types of garden bird feeders (e.g., platform bird feeder or hanging bird feeder) you have to be concerned about squirrels stealing food from the feeder. But, if your window is high enough above the ground, not near any tree branches, and has no outside ledge, then your window bird feeder will be pretty much squirrel proof.

Window bird feeders come in a variety of different sizes. If your home has small windows, you will be limited in the size of the bird feeder you can install. Otherwise, you will have to determine if you want a lot of birds feeding at one time or just a few. If you want to attract a lot of birds at once, choose a larger feeder, otherwise go with one that has a smaller footprint.

When deciding which window to place the bird feeder on, you will of course choose one that will give you a nice view of the birds from within the house itself. You’ll also want to select a window that has trees nearby where they can escape to for privacy or to avoid predators. There are many decorative bird feeders on the market. However, if your window bird feeder is not particularly attractive, you may want to avoid putting it on a window at the front of the house.Like any other bird feeder, a window bird feeder should be replenished with fresh bird seed and cleaned on a regular basis. You, especially, don’t want a situation where mold is allowed to collect and contaminate the food.

Also, don’t expect birds to come to your feeder right away. First they will have to find it. but once they do, other birds will begin to notice it as well. And soon, you will be able to enjoy birds at your window year around.

Where to Buy House Window Bird Feeders, of course, is a great place to find reasonably priced windowsill bird feeders of all sorts. But, if you are willing to spend a bit more money, has their innovative Duncraft classic window bird feeder which has a one-way mirror attached to its back. This allows you to see the birds, but they can’t see you. They only see their own reflection. Since the birds can’t see you, they aren’t startled by movements inside the house as they would be with the typical windowsill bird feeder.