Lovebird Cages

The selection of the proper lovebird cages are one of your prime considerations when you decide to take a lovebird home as your pet.

Love birds are one of the more interesting bird species to keep as pets. They are extremely active, curious, and have lots of energy which is one reason you need to give special consideration to what type of cage you get for them.

Lovebirds are small birds, when compared to their cousin – the parrot. But because they have so much energy, they need large cages that give them the room to roam around without being cramped. The cage will have to be large enough to hold one or more swings, ladders, as well as toys.

The Larger The Cage – The Better

tube bird feedersWith lovebirds, the larger the cage (within reason) the better. Most experts suggest that a cage two feet high and 2 feet square should be about the smallest size considered when picking out a cage. Having large sized lovebird cages benefit you indirectly as well. It provides the birds with plenty of room to run around expending their energy therefore requiring less personal attention from you.

Lovebirds are very good at finding ways of getting out of their cages. To help prevent this, lovebird cages should not have the bars too close together. If they are, the lovebird will be able to use their flexible bodies to escape by squeezing through the bars. They also are able to use their beaks very effectively. Many lovebird owners are surprised to discover that their pet has released the latch on the cage door to let themselves out. Therefore, look for cages with secure latches that are not so easy to release.

Be Careful of Wooden Cages

Wooden lovebird cages are a definite no-no. Lovebirds love chewing wood and will chew through a wood cage in quick order. A cage made of polycarbonate, stainless steel, or other material would be much better.Sleepless 2017 live streaming film

Lovebirds hate dirty cages, so you will have to clean yours frequently. Every other day is probably the most you should go without cleaning it. Additionally, once a month, you should probably give it a deep cleaning. To make the process easier on yourself, when you buy the bird cage, look for features that make the cleaning process easier. Studies of human nature tell us that any cage that is hard to clean will not be cleaned often.Lovebirds live a long time, sometimes as long as 20 years or more. So, in a sense, they could be a lifelong companion for you. As a reward to them, make their home as comfortable to them as yours is to you.