Endangered Wildlife

Working to protect endangered wildlife species is a commendable goal for those who care about our planet and our role as caretakers of the earth.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Unfortunately, however, even though the efforts of conservationists has prevented the extinction of some species and even brought back other species that were near extinction, many species of all sorts are disappearing from the planet everyday. And even though the natural process of evolution ensures that certain species of animals and plants become extinct over time, we are hastening the demise of many of these species through our careless razing of habitats and destruction of the environment.

Laws protecting endangered birds and other species have languished in the past few years as more and more public lands have been turned over to private industries.

For a species to be considered endangered wildlife, it must be declared an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. The definition of endangered is a legal categorization defined by Congress and has been changed a few times since its first implementation. At any rate, any species meeting this standard, can be place on the Federal Endangered  species list.

Determining If A Plant/Animal Is On The Endangered Wildlife List

To determine if a species that you are interested in is on the endangered wildlife list, the website endangered wildlife has a search function which indicates the current  status of most species. In addition to endangered, the status of a particular wildlife species can be defined as stable, undetermined, threatened, recovered, and others.

At the current time, probably more than 1 out of every 3 wildlife species in the U.S. is at risk. And well over one thousand of these plants and animals have been placed on the endangered list. Regardless of them being on the list, however, many of these species are still disappearing because of the lax enforcement of the laws.

Perhaps the best way to begin to protect some of these species is to be proactive in defending their environments before it becomes necessary to place them on the list. If their environment is protected, the chances of them becoming extinct is diminished.

The average citizen can help in small ways by donations to national parks, helping to elect public servants who have a proven interest in preserving our ecosystems, and by joining in volunteer conservation efforts across the country.