Blue Bird Houses That Will Attract Bluebirds

Populating your garden with one or more blue bird houses can help to save the bluebird species as well as providing entertainment and beauty to your back yard.

Each year, as more and more trees are destroyed for land development projects and other uses, the North American bluebird population has been decreasing as bluebirds are unable to find suitable homes to lay eggs and raise their young. You can help to reverse this trend by providing these beautiful birds with places to nest.

What Type of Blue Bird Houses Do Bluebirds Like?

Bluebirds are natural cavity dwellers. But they don’t build their own cavities. Instead, they seek out cavities built by other species. In the wild, their perfect home would be the tree cavities left behind by woodpeckers or other birds. If you want to attract blue birds to your backyard, you need to build a bird house that more or less reminds them of the ones they would naturally find in nature. The perfect sized holes would be from 1 1/2″ up to 2 1/4″Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Protecting Blue Bird Houses From Predators

Predators would like nothing better than to make a meal of delicious blue bird eggs. To prevent this, you have to take a few precautions with blue bird houses to protect them as much as possible.

blue bird housesLocation wise, it’s best to put blue bird houses in an open field away from tress. You don’t want to make it accessible to cats, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and other predators. To that end, place blue bird houses atop a 6 to 8 inch stove pipe with a predator wobbling baffle or guard on it. The wobbling baffle will guard the bird house by preventing predators from getting a firm foot hold on the bird house pole. Make sure that the wobbling baffle has mesh inside the baffle to keep snakes at bay as well.

What To Look For When Buying Blue Bird Houses

Most people will choose to purchase a bluebird house rather than build it. When purchasing bird houses, look for ones made of weather and insect resistant woods. For example, those built from red oak or western cedar are good choices of woods that will probably last a while. Also look for houses that have easy to open cleanouts. You’ll love this feature when you eventually clean out the bird house to get it ready for a new family of bluebirds.

Where Will You Find Bluebirds?

In North America, you’ll find 3 kinds of bluebirds.  One is the Eastern Bluebirds which are generally found deep into Mexico. You’ll also find them, at times, around the eastern half of the continent.  The 2nd species of bluebirds is the western Bluebirds which you’ll find around southwestern regions of Canada, the western half of the U. S., and Mexico.  The 3rd species is the Mountain Bluebirds. You’ll find them in the mountain areas and prairies of the western region of North America.