Window Bird Feeder

When choosing a bird feeder, some will choose a window bird feeder because it allows them to view the birds in their garden up close and personal. Other bird lovers, who live in apartment buildings, have no other choice as they usually cannot install a bird feeding station on the common grounds of the apartment complex. The great thing about a window bird feeder is that you can put them on pretty much any type of window.

Although, there are various types of window bird feeders, the most sturdy of them are either placed inside the windowsill or are attached completely outside the window using screws or some other attachment. A windowsill window bird feeder has sides that extend out to the sides of the window, much like a window air conditioner. This helps to stabilize the bird feeder.

window bird feeder
If you live in an apartment building, and need a feeder that won’t cause property damage to the building, you can choose a window bird feeder that attaches to the window with suction cups. The type of windows in your apartment will also influence what kind of window bird feeder you can install as many are specifically designed for a certain type of window.

A Natural Squirrel Poof Bird Feeder

Normally, with other types of garden bird feeders (e.g., platform bird feeder or hanging bird feeder) you have to be concerned about squirrels stealing food from the feeder. But, if your window is high enough above the ground, not near any tree branches, and has no outside ledge, then your window bird feeder will be pretty much squirrel proof.

Window bird feeders come in a variety of different sizes. If your home has small windows, you will be limited in the size of the bird feeder you can install. Otherwise, you will have to determine if you want a lot of birds feeding at one time or just a few. If you want to attract a lot of birds at once, choose a larger feeder, otherwise go with one that has a smaller footprint.

When deciding which window to place the bird feeder on, you will of course choose one that will give you a nice view of the birds from within the house itself. You’ll also want to select a window that has trees nearby where they can escape to for privacy or to avoid predators. There are many decorative bird feeders on the market. However, if your window bird feeder is not particularly attractive, you may want to avoid putting it on a window at the front of the house.Like any other bird feeder, a window bird feeder should be replenished with fresh bird seed and cleaned on a regular basis. You, especially, don’t want a situation where mold is allowed to collect and contaminate the food.

Also, don’t expect birds to come to your feeder right away. First they will have to find it. but once they do, other birds will begin to notice it as well. And soon, you will be able to enjoy birds at your window year around.

Where to Buy House Window Bird Feeders, of course, is a great place to find reasonably priced windowsill bird feeders of all sorts. But, if you are willing to spend a bit more money, has their innovative Duncraft classic window bird feeder which has a one-way mirror attached to its back. This allows you to see the birds, but they can’t see you. They only see their own reflection. Since the birds can’t see you, they aren’t startled by movements inside the house as they would be with the typical windowsill bird feeder.


Tube Bird Feeders

Tube bird feeders are so named because of their cylindrical shape which very much resembles a tube. These feeders, much like a window bird feeder, are primarily used to feed small birds. Small birds can  comfortably access the food within by alighting on the short perches that most tube bird feeders have.

Larger birds, however, cannot land on these short perches and end up having to go elsewhere for food. This makes tube bird feeders the perfect choice for homeowners who want to attract smaller birds to their yards, but not the larger species.

The most important thing about these feeders from the standpoint of the birds is that the food will fit through the holes at the feeding ports. So, when you purchase your foods, make sure that the holes in the ports are big enough to allow the food to slip through the ports.

tube bird feeders
The picture shows an example of a 3 tube feeder. The upside is that because it is actually 3 feeders, it will attract lots of small birds to your yard as they learn of its location.  The downside is that, with so many birds being attracted to your feeder and eating your foods, your seed costs will go relatively high. Unless you are an extremely avid bird watcher, you will probably want to start with a single tube bird feeder.

Another good idea is to have multiple tube bird feeders which you locate at opposite ends of the garden. This, in effect give you multiple feeding zones. The advantage of this is that some bird are more aggressive than others or more territorial. Two or more zones allow the birds to eat at the bird feeding station which provides them the most comfort.

With any bird feeder that you get, you will have to replenish the feed when it gets low. Also,you should clean it once or twice a year, at least. With these facts in mind, whatever type of tube bird feeder that you get, try to choose one that is easy to fill up and easy to maintain. That means that you will also want one that does not clog easily. Otherwise, your bird feeder will quickly become a nuisance as you find yourself constantly freeing up the seed ports.

Most tube bird feeders are around 18 inches in height with clear plastic tubing giving the birds a view of the food inside as well as allowing you to keep track of when the feeder might need refilling. Most plastic tubing will eventually yellow with age – not a very attractive look for your garden. To avoid this, get a feeder made of stabilized polycarbonate tubing which is resistant to yellowing.

If you love birds, tube bird feeders can bring great joy to your garden as, once you install it, you’re rarely find your garden vacant.

window bird feeder



Texas State Bird – The Mockingbird

The mockingbird was adopted as the Texas state bird in 1927 at the request of the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs, mainly because of its pretty singing. At one time the the mockingbird was considered a Southern bird but it has since spread its wings to populate Northern and Western states as well.

One of the main traits of the mockingbird is it’s ability to mimic the songs of other bird – hence the name mockingbird. It is more than a mimic, however, as it sings its own songs as well.

In addition to being the Texas state bird, the mockingbird is also the state bird of Arkansas where it is known as the Northern Mockingbird , Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

The mockingbird is typically 10 inches in length with a fairly long tail. These birds are not migratory birds, and once they inhabit an area, they tend to stay there year round.

Both the male and the female share equal duties in building the nest which is normally built in a tree at a height of from 3 to 10 feet above the ground. The young birds grow up quickly, leaving the nests in a little as ten days after birth.

The mocking bird diet mainly consists of insects – caterpillars, beetles, ants, grasshoppers and spiders – but they love fruits as well. In fact, if fruit exists in their environment, it’s not uncommon to find it making up to 50% of their food choices. And in the winter as their insect sources of food begin to disappear, fruits become an even greater percentage of their food source.

If you want to attract mockingbirds to your bird feeders or birdhouses, they enjoy plants and fruits such as hollies, blackberries, elderberries, wild grapes, hackberries, dogwoods, red cedar, and sumacs.

The mockingbird is not afraid to protect it’s next and territory. It has even been known to attack predators as big as a cat if it thought the cat was encroaching too much on its territory. If you enjoy the constant sound of music in your back yards, these are great birds to attract to your garden.


Telescoping Bird House Pole

A telescoping bird house pole is perfect for a garden where you want to place a bird house but have to experiment with placing it at different heights in order to attract birds. The best and strongest are made of galvanized steel. consist of multiple sections, and come with sturdy, dependable fastening systems. Normally they will extend anywhere from 15 to 21 feet at full extension.

If you are a person who likes being close to nature and enjoys having birds in your life, you likely enjoy finding ways to attract them to your environment, whether it be your garden or an apartment area. You may also include bird watching as one of your hobbies that you are passionate about. Unfortunately, as much as bird watching is really a fascinating experience, it may require you to travel to different kinds of places and go out of your way just to be up close and personal to your feathered friends.

But luckily, there is a new, innovative way in which you could see these feathered creatures up close and that is through telescoping bird house poles.  With telescoping bird house poles, it would be easier for you to watch the different kinds of birds that frolic in your area without you interrupting them at their most natural state and with them, protected from other pesky creatures like the squirrels from disturbing their temporary nests.

Where to Buy Telescoping Bird House Poles

There are many online stores where you could buy different kinds of telescoping bird house poles, but the Mister Bird House online store stands above the rest.  Not only do they provide you with a wide selection of telescoping bird house poles, but they also sell their items at a reasonable price and they hold seasonal sales events where you can get great discounts.  They accept most major credit cards for payment, but they also accept payment methods through Paypal if you are the type of a person who is skeptical in giving their credit cards online.

If you are interested in the different kinds of telescoping bird house poles that Mister Bird House is selling,  log on to their online store at You’ll not only find telescoping bird house poles but also matching bird houses to go along with them. Plus you will see the wonderful products that they are offering.  One of their outstanding products that truly would protect your feathered friends from other pesky creatures but at the same time, provide them with a beautiful temporary sanctuary is the Penthouse.

The Penthouse is one of their featured products that not only has a telescoping bird house pole or bird feeder pole, but is steel martin house painted with tough baked acrylic white enamel which makes it more durable.  This one of a kind model of a bird house is weatherproof, light weight, and is guaranteed to not rust overtime, and is of course, maintenance free.  It comes with a telescopic pole, pivoting pole base, predator guard, and a flagpole kit.  Once that you have ordered them, it is shipped to be ninety-eight percent assembled so you need not stress yourself out as to how to construct this wonderful telescoping bird house pole.


Tasco Binoculars For Birding Enthusiasts

When bird watching, choosing the perfect binocular is essential. Tasco binoculars, have powerful magnification capabilities that will help your view even the smallest of details of birds soaring far above the ground. Other features, however, fall somewhat short.

Birdwatching is one of the most popular spare time activities of people the world over. Countless people enjoy bird watching in their backyard and even travel to remote areas to find rare and elusive species.

A good pair of binoculars make this hobby much more interesting. Many details of bird behaviors are not visible with the naked eye. But, a perfect pair of binoculars will show the fine details and field markings of the birds that you monitor much clearer. They bring the bird much closer to you. And you are able to unobtrusively observe them in their natural environments without disturbing or spooking them.

Even the cheapest of binoculars should provide you with basic functionality. To avoid disappointment, read the accompanying reviews before purchasing.

Prices For Tasco Binoculars

Prices of binoculars vary wildly from as low as $10 to as high as $2,000. The Tasco binoculars are usually positioned at about the $20 to $80 range, with most models fitting comfortably around $35 or so.

If you are a beginning birder, best to start with a low priced model until you discover first hand what features are important to you.