Bird House Models

If you have moderate wood working skills you can easily build a bird house without the help of bird house models. Others of us, however, will take bird house models, plans, blueprints – whatever we can get our hands on.

If you have a garden and enjoy being close to nature, particularly birds, at some point  you’re probably going to think about adding a bird house and bird feeder pole to your garden. A bird house not only makes a garden seem more natural and lived in, it can also add beauty to your garden. It also lets you give back to nature by helping to provide shelter for some of natures most beautiful and interesting animals.

As with garden bird feeders, there is no such thing as the best bird house model for your garden. Simply find one that suits your personal taste, one that you enjoy. It’s not difficult to locate bird house models on the Internet, but here are a few places to get you started:

The United States environmental protection agency may seem an unlikely place to look for bird house models but they showcase an excellent nice and simple bird house model at its site. This is a model that will be suitable for many different bird species, almost anyone can make, and since the roof is detachable – it is easy to clean.

Bird clubs are a good place to find information on birding and bird house models. The Baltimore Bird Club gives great information and suggestions for building a bird house for many different bird species. They cover things such as:

  • bird safety
  • bird house height, depth and floor
  • diameter of bird house entrance hoes
  • height of the hole above the box floor

They also cover much more. If you need a model for building a bird house, they’re an indispensable site to visit. But don’t neglect looking in your own neighborhood as well for birdwatching clubs.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The Amateur wood worker has models and plans for a bird’s nesting box. Their site walks you step-by-step through the building materials and tools needed to construct a bird nesting box that birds will find perfect for winter living.

If you love bluebirds and are looking for the perfect bird house model to attract them, visit Their site has complete plans and instructions for building a traditional rectangular bluebird house kit. They have a unique concept and two part procedure that encourages your children to become involved. Part one of their procedure involves the adult (that’s you) making a bird house kit. Part two involves letting your kids assemble it. This is a great way to build a birdhouse with your children and pass on the love of birding to your kids. Check out their site.

Another great way in which you could check out and buy different kinds of bird house models is by checking specialty online stores like the Bird Houses And Feeders Online which features decorative bird houses, bird baths, bird feeders, hose reels, butterfly houses, and many others that could help beautify your own garden.  If you are interested to see their different kinds of products, you may log on to their website at and take a look at their wonderful products you could use for your garden.

These sites are only a start. You will also find good resources offline. If you have a nearby local library, you’ll find many books devoted to birds and bird house models that will help you build a great bird house to complement your garden.