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Garage Floor Epoxy Coating: Increasing the Value of Your Home

Many homeowners make home improvements in the hope that their home will fetch a good price when they decide to sell it. A garage floor epoxy coating can increase the value of your home. It is one of the high-quality investments you will ever make for your home. 

Investing in a garage floor epoxy coating can make your garage have a shiny floor that is beautiful, organized and more functional. These will add to the curb appeal of your home. 

When professionally installed, a garage floor epoxy coating will last a lifetime and provide many functional benefits: 

  • An epoxy floor coating makes concrete stronger eliminating the usual problems of cracking, chipping, and peeling.
  • An epoxy floor coating is not slippery even when wet. This makes it a safe flooring system for your garage and even for outdoor applications. Additional skid-resistant properties can be added for added safety. 
  • Resistant to chemical stains, moisture, impact, and abrasion. This flooring system can also withstand high foot traffic and high vehicle traffic as well.
  • Epoxy floor coatings are easy to clean and are almost maintenance-free. Occasional sweeping and mopping are all that is required to keep it in top shape. This flooring system is likewise resistant to dust, dirt, and mildew. 
  • Epoxy floor coatings are free or low in VOC (volatile organic compounds) making your garage a safe place. 
  • A garage floor epoxy coating can transform the ugly concrete flooring in your garage into a beautiful and shiny looking floor. You can also opt to personalize your epoxy floor with customized colors and the addition of epoxy chips and flakes, and metallic pigments. 

Many people expect a garage to look messy and have bare concrete flooring. Although a garage floor epoxy coating may not be the cheapest flooring option it can immensely increase the value of your home. This makes the extra cost worth it. 

Bat Houses

Living with Bats

Bats are in serious decline nearly everywhere. Worldwide, there are almost a thousand different kinds of bats which comprise nearly 1/4 of all mammal species. Of the 43 species living in the U.S. and Canada, nearly 40 percent are endangered or are candidates for such status.  The biology and ecology of bats is not well understood. Their nocturnal behavior, inaccessible breeding and roosting sites and migratory behavior have made them difficult to study. As a result, we know little of bat ecology or management needs on public lands. Despite a lack of knowledge, we do know that bats often use trees, cliffs, caves, human dwellings, natural waters and water developments, bridges and mine shafts in a variety of habitats. There are clearly opportunities to begin specific management actions to protect or enhance this diverse and threatened group of mammals.

Putting up a bat house is one of the more rewarding ways to help wild life. By providing bats with a roosting habitat, you also benefit by having fewer yard and garden pest like mosquitoes and ants. It may seem like just a drop in the bucket but we can over come chemical pest control and create a cleaner heather environment. Bat houses may be put up at any time of the year. They will more than likely be occupied in the first three to four weeks after they have been installed. Installing a bat house and exposing it to the rain and sun will darken the color even more increasing the chances of attracting bats to you bat house just that much better.

Although most folks believe bats live in caves, which they do, more than likely they live in old houses or barns where it is warm. With an increase in individual chambers in these bat houses we have found that we could achieve a much better control of the temperature. By doing this we also increased the ability of the box to hold more bats in a more comfortable environment. They could be in your back yard catching all those insects like disease carrying Mosquitoes, that have a way ofspoiling your favorite BarBQ.

America’s Bats are an invaluable natural resource. Yet due to decades of unwarranted human fear and persecution, bats are in alarming decline. By putting up a bat house, you can help increase the population. Even the most abundant bats of North America are rapidly losing roosting habitat. Bat houses are the answer.

Putting up bat houses and making careful observations offer an excellent opportunity to learn more about bat roosting requirements. They can also make a great science project for the school.

Bat House Basics

Bat House Design.

You should consider design when selecting your bat house. According to research, larger bat houses (often called nursery houses) have higher occupancy rates than the smaller houses. All landing areas and partition surfaces should be rough. Vents are often best where average July temperatures exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


Your bat house should be placed within 1/4 mile of a natural water source such as a stream, river, or lake. Bats tend to fly along forest or water edges, and bat houses located here tend to be found more quickly than other locations.


You may place your bat house on a tree, pole, or a building; however, boxes mounted on poles or buildings tend to have a higher occupancy than those mounted on trees. For mounting on buildings, wood or stone buildings are best, and your bat house should be mounted under the eaves with some sun exposure. You should mount your house 15-20 feet above the ground. It should not be in a place lit by bright lights.

Sun Exposure

You should place your bat house where it will receive at least six hours of sun if you live in a region where average July temperatures range from 80-100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a region where average July temperature are less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you should mount your bat house where it will receive at least 10 hours of sun.


You may mount your box at any time of the year, but those put up in the spring are often occupied more quickly. If you are evicting a colony of bats from a building, a box should be mounted several weeks prior to the eviction.

Telescoping Bird House Pole

Telescoping Bird House Pole

telescoping bird house pole is perfect for a garden where you want to place a bird house but have to experiment with placing it at different heights in order to attract birds. The best and strongest are made of galvanized steel. consist of multiple sections, and come with sturdy, dependable fastening systems. Normally they will extend anywhere from 15 to 21 feet at full extension.

If you are a person who likes being close to nature and enjoys having birds in your life, you likely enjoy finding ways to attract them to your environment, whether it be your garden or an apartment area. You may also include bird watching as one of your hobbies that you are passionate about. Unfortunately, as much as bird watching is really a fascinating experience, it may require you to travel to different kinds of places and go out of your way just to be up close and personal to your feathered friends.

But luckily, there is a new, innovative way in which you could see these feathered creatures up close and that is through telescoping bird house poles.  With telescoping bird house poles, it would be easier for you to watch the different kinds of birds that frolic in your area without you interrupting them at their most natural state and with them, protected from other pesky creatures like the squirrels from disturbing their temporary nests.

Where to Buy Telescoping Bird House Poles

There are many online stores where you could buy different kinds of telescoping bird house poles, but the Mister Bird House online store stands above the rest.  Not only do they provide you with a wide selection of telescoping bird house poles, but they also sell their items at a reasonable price and they hold seasonal sales events where you can get great discounts.  They accept most major credit cards for payment, but they also accept payment methods through Paypal if you are the type of a person who is skeptical in giving their credit cards online.

If you are interested in the different kinds of telescoping bird house poles that Mister Bird House is selling,  log on to their online store .You’ll not only find telescoping bird house poles but also matching bird houses to go along with them. Plus you will see the wonderful products that they are offering.  One of their outstanding products that truly would protect your feathered friends from other pesky creatures but at the same time, provide them with a beautiful temporary sanctuary is the Penthouse.  

The Penthouse is one of their featured products that not only has a telescoping bird house pole, but is steel martin house painted with tough baked acrylic white enamel which makes it more durable.  This one of a kind model of a bird house is weatherproof, light weight, and is guaranteed to not rust overtime, and is of course, maintenance free.  It comes with a telescopic pole, pivoting pole base, predator guard, and a flagpole kit.  Once that you have ordered them, it is shipped to be ninety-eight percent assembled so you need not stress yourself out as to how to construct this wonderful telescoping bird house pole.

Decorative Bird House Plans

Decorative Bird House Plans

Do you love birds and want to give them unique homes of their own in your very own garden? Then look at the many varieties of decorative bird house plans available on the market.

If you are a person who is handy with tools and likes working with your hands and wood, you can find so many decorative birdhouse plans that will make your yard a place where the birds will want to nest.  If you like to create things, then a store bought birdhouse just won’t do.  Get busy and look for decorative birdhouse plans to allow you to showcase your talents.

Where to Find Decorative Birdhouse Plans

You can find decorative birdhouse plans in a number of places.  You can go to the local library and find books that have plans, but you may find the selection limited and the plans a little boring.  You are looking for decorative birdhouse plans and looking in a bookstore may be more appropriate.  You can also go to a home and garden store where they should have lots of publications to guide you on your path to finding the perfect decorative birdhouse plans.

Whether you want an elaborate birdhouse or something simple and easy to test your skills, you can find just what you want when you search on the internet.  There are many websites that you can find tips and ideas for finding decorative birdhouse plans to make your backyard a more attractive place for both people and birds.  You can find a wide selection of decorative birdhouse plans that are absolutely free.

Why Build Birdhouses?

Nothing feels better then creating something with your own two hands.  The act of building something is satisfying for the simple fact that there is something concrete to show for all your work when you have completed the project.  When you search for decorative birdhouse plans you will not only please yourself, but your partner and the birds as well.

Having a hobby is a wonderful way to relax and relieve stress and building birdhouses is a way for you to express your creativity.  Think of all the cool presents you will get for birthdays and holidays when you begin to build decorative birdhouses.  You may suddenly have people asking you to make them one for their yard and you will once again be on a quest to find the perfect decorative birdhouse plans to fit the person you are building the birdhouse for.

Not only will you receive great presents to further your hobby, but when you have an abundance of decorative birdhouse plans you too can give your creations as gifts to those who have admired your work. A gift that you’ve made with your own hands will be much more appreciated and cherished for a long time to come.

Bird House Kits

Bird House Kits

Don’t want to go through the trouble of building your own custom bird house? The look into purchasing one of the many bird house kits that can be dead simple to put together.

Bird Bath And Beyond:  Your Ultimate Source For Bird House Kits

If you are the type of person that appreciates the beauty and wonders of nature, perhaps you may also be enthralled with bird watching and find that it is one of the most relaxing and wonderful activity that you could do and enjoy even in your own backyard.  Of course, if you are one of these people, you want to do things that would make the birds attracted to your own area and one of the best ways to achieve it is by having a bird house in your yard.

But on the other hand, you may think that you have no clue as to where to start on building your own bird house and that is where the bird house kits come in to help you in your construction projects.  Here are the tips that you must know when you are looking for ways to learn how to create a bird house and for you to know where to find the best bird house kits.

Know The Right Resource

One of the major things that you could do to lessen your job when it comes to having a bird house in your own backyard is through buying bird house kits.  What is so great about having bird house kits instead of starting from scratch is that they were all pre-cut and already prepared for you to build and easy to finish.  So for all those people who are experts or just beginners in creating bird houses, bird house kits are fun to put together that even kids and adults will enjoy in crafting their own original finish and attracting different kinds of birds in your own yard to watch.

Probably, the best online resource in which you could buy different kinds of bird house kits is the Bird Bath And Beyond online store where they are selling the most wonderful bird house kits that you could ever imagine.  Most of the kits that Bird Bath And Beyond are selling already include the construction materials like pre-cut woods, pre-drilled pines, nails, screws, and step by step instructions that are easy to follow.

If you are interested in knowing more about this one of a kind online store, you could visit Bird Bath And Beyond and be surprised to know that what they are selling are all affordable and beautiful, perfect for those who love birds.  

Taking advantage of bird house kits to place in your garden can give your hours on end of relaxing, contented living.

How To Build A Bird House

How To Build A Bird House

Do you love and treasure birds, appreciate being close to nature and the wildlife, and perhaps enjoy the activity of bird watching even in your own yard? If so, having a bird house in your back yard is a perfect way of attracting more birds to your environment.

One of the best ways of showing your appreciation for birds is to learn how to build a bird house and place it in your back yard. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, learning how to build a bird house can prove easier than you think. It will also give you immense personal satisfaction.

Learning how to build a bird house is not at all difficult if you can follow simple plans.  There are many resources in which you could look into for you to know how to build a bird house like books, DVDs, and other videos that would feature different styles and techniques in constructing bird houses.

Know Your Online Resource

If you are interested in knowing on how to build a bird house, what you could do is visit websites that could teach you on how to create bird house plans to guide you in your construction of the bird house.  One of the best websites that you could make as a resource for this is the B4UBuild Plan Center which features free bird house plans for robins, owls, herons, bluebirds, and many others.

You could visit B4UBuild at their official website at and you will be surprised that they are also featuring books that could help you learn how to build a bird house.  Books like “The Complete Book Of Bird House Construction For Woodworkers”, “build your Own Bird Houses”, “Architectural Bird Houses”, and so much more are available on this one of a kind online store.  So log on now and visit them for you to further your understanding and education on how to build bird houses.

Buy DVDs And Videos

Another great thing that you could do for you to learn how to build bird houses is to buy self-help DVDs and other videos that could demonstrate a step by step instruction to creating your own bird house and one of the best online stores that could offer you great discounts on these DVDs and videos is also the B4UBuild Plan Center.  When you check out their website, you will see different kinds of DVDs and videos like, “Sibley Guide To Birds”, “Attracting Birds To Your Backyard”, and many others.

So log on now to your computer and visit this one stop, wonderful online shop that has everything that you need to help you learn how to build bird houses.  Visit them now at and start building your own bird house.